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NBI Washable and Refining buffer for natural nails and acrylic.

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manicure shiner block can be used both on natural and artificial nails. use NBI shiner blocks to shape buff and polish acrylics and gels to a high shine.

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NBI Soft , padded design , conforms to the nail , eliminating the flat spots and providing comfort for the user. suitable for a perfect nail preparation . Presented in 4 level of hardness.

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NBI tips look more natural than other tips . our tips are specially designed to have a sophisticated curve.
ABS Plastic 100%

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by using NBI nippers , Get rid of the excess cuticles easily and do a nice manicure .

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 You can Cut the nail tips with NBI Cutter ; Easy and smoothly .

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you can use NBI pusher to push the cuticles away from the nails and clean the nail surface without scratching or harming the cuticle.

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NBI Nail Forms are ideal for sculpting any alternative nail shape like the stiletto, edge, gothic almond, lipstick and you can even use them for traditional nail shapes.

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NBI team is proud to present this ideal auto flat nylon gel brush for gel system.

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NBI team is proud to present this ideal brush with natural kolinsky hair for acrylic application.

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